Thursday, October 13, 2011

meta farts sketches

Sorry I didn’t show you my originals, if these are insufficient lemme know and I’ll re-do
Sorry ur sick, also.

aging, fear, revolution, leadership, and love


the divine..and isolation

Thursday, October 6, 2011

meta farts

    target-pulled hair/stress, source-a shining knight/a good idea, ground-none, tension-hair is only logical in context of a head, a man on a horse w/a  sword is the sum of a whole story.
    The image of the knight shows the frustration of lack of ideas, clearly illustrating the frustration of blocking your own ideas by being so stressed.
    target-suburbia, source-a tidal wave/whirlpool/blackhole? ground- none, tension-suburbia is man made, whirpools/blackholes are natural events.
    Seeing the torpedo of diminishing houses makes the suburbs truly seem like a huge maze.
    target-a neighborhood, source-scary claw thing, ground-they're the same color, tension-a house is manmade and a structure for people to live, a hand is that which makes the house. 
    The fact that the hand is as large as the houses emphasizes the menacing quality of the idea of a predator
    The hand is replacing he shadow of the house
    target- bomb? source- a symbol of peace, ground- they're both green, tension-one is a symbol of war, the other of peace
    Seeing the  dove of peace inside of the gun shell or bomb or whatever fully realizes the ambition of the idea of bombing for peace (like fucking for virginity)
    target- stock charts, source-a drunk dude, ground-they're both unstable, tension- one should be reliable and logistical, the other is an organic matter and living.
    Alcoholism is pathetic and weak. Comparing a figure to a debilitated drunk person makes it seem like it couldn't get any worse.
        Thomas Fuchs digital portfolio
        target-chef, source-rain, ground- they're both mushroom shaped, tension-one is an article of clothing, and the other is a natural event
        Turning the hat that is essential for any chef into what is destroying them makes their pain seem more essentially unavoidable
        Thomas Fuchs digital portfolio
        target-the internet /spyware, source-cowboy, ground- they're both wild and untamed, tension, the internet is virtual, cowboy world is physical/real
        Comparing the decisions you make on the internet to firing guns makes the act of spyware seem intensely more violent.
          Thomas Fuchs painted portfolio
          target- people  receiving severance, source-skydivers w/ no parachute, ground- both falling hopelessly, tension-people with severance aren't falling thru the sky so much as life
          The fact that the person is opening a package instead of a parachute is obviously a little bit scary.
          Thomas Fuchs painted portfolio
          target- comedians, source-a heavyweight lifter, ground-they both have a heavy burden, tension-the burden for lifters is physical, for comedians it's mental.
          The idea of supporting a smile is more than depressing
          Thomas Fuchs painted portfolio
          target- new york budget, source-emtpy gas tank, ground-both are based on numbers and facts, tension-a gas tank is for a single car, the budget of new york is for many other people.
          New York's tank is on empty... more clever than "New York works with low budget" ..yea